25th anniversary coming!
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ACOUSTIC RECORDINGS was founded in 1990 by Jarek Frankowski who contributed his strong background in music, electronics and architectural acoustics.
After studying Architecture in Poland, he went on to the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where he obtained the Higher Diploma in Chamber Music with the greatest distinction. While writing and performing music he became increasingly involved in audio electronics design and focused himself on sound engineering.
He has been continuously active ever since with creative musical projects while still finding the time to pass on his years of experience to younger engineers and students from the National Institute of the Performing Arts.
The main focus of Acoustic Recordings is to provide affordable access to state of the art audio production. Superior results are sought after in a full range of tasks: on-location recordings in halls, churches and studios, music editing, mixing, mastering, live sound engineering, music creation and sound design. The artistic support is based on a solid musical background. Only the most up-to-date, boutique-grade equipment is used throughout the full production path.

Since 1995, the Brussels-based facility includes a live room for recording small ensembles and soloists, especially for contemporary and jazz, as well as for picture and stage projects.
The Control Room is equipped with the world's finest monitoring console from Crookwood Audio Engineering. The advanced mixing, mastering and listening environment ensures that the best possible results are reached, helping even some problematic tracks with technical or performance issues.
The various tasks include work around spectral and mix balance, intonation and tempo fixes, noise removal, as well as innovative mastering solutions.

Luckily, most of the recordings happen in nice halls; every take has to be captured with 100% reliability. Our mobile equipment is organised to allow even the most demanding 64-track sessions using carefully selected analogue and digital microphones. Our latest set-up is based on DAD/NTP breakthrough technology from Denmark, capable of running the highest quality audio simultaneously to two ProToolsHD systems, several mixing consoles, audio/video recorders, radio control room, TV truck, direct streaming gear and who knows what else.... Everything becomes possible with the right team, well-prepared material, scores, clear riders, cues and continuous attention to every musical and technical detail. Just to make sure that the musicians are at their very best!

Apart from Jarek Frankowski, several highly experienced engineers collaborate with Acoustic Recordings on a regular basis: Bastien Gilson, Aline Blondiau, Jean-François Lejeune, all graduated from INSAS and IAD, national institutes for the performing arts, well-known for their sound engineering programs. Certain projects are done in collaboration with DADA studio team, others with MN technical crew, others still with Musique 3 (Belgium National Radio for classical and jazz music) …

25 years of listening, collecting precious equipment pieces... long nights and rewarding results.
What about the next 25 ?
ACOUSTIC RECORDINGS will continuously seek to provide the finest possible conditions to every project to ensure refined musical results.

Warmest welcome!

A few references from classical and contemporary music ensembles and soloists:

Musique Nouvelles
Ictus Ensemble
European Contemporary Orchestra
Ensemble Lucilin
Quatuor Danel
Natalia Prischepenko
Plamena Mangova
Alexander Kniazev
l’Orchestre de Chambre de Wallonie
Brussels Philharmonic
José van Dam
Belgium National Orchestra
Didier Poskin
Sergio Tiempo / Karin Lechner
Marc Grauwels
Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
Vlaamse Opera Symphonic Orchestra
Pascal Meyer / Xenia Pestova
Trio Portici (Stéphane de May, Damien Pardoen, Luc Tooten)
Frédérick Haas
Raphaella Smits / Adrien Brogna
Liège Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Claron McFadden
Donnacorda string quartet

Jazz artists and bands such as:

Jean-Luis Rassinfosse
Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven
AKA Moon
Philip Catherine
Quartet sans Leader (Rassinfosse/Collard-Neven/Alleman/Desandre-Navarre)
Fanny Bériaux
Fabrice Alleman Quartet
André Klenes
Sébastien Walnier
Jacques Stotzem
Oak Tree

Soundtracks for films by:

Marleen Gorris
Harry Cleven
Jaco Van Dormael
Gabriel Yarred
Yves Hanchar
Arnaud Demunynck
Yvan Le Moine
Vincent Lanno
Martine Doyen
Luc Bourgois
Marian Handwerker
Ben Stassen
il Luster
Recent Projects

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Sonic Cathedral - Musiques Nouvelles & guests >>
audio & video extracts available soon

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European Contemporary Orchestra at Flagey
40 tracks live recording for CD, video and radio >>

Scoring and mixing the music of Gabriel Yarred >>


Music mix for Mr.Nobody by Jaco Van Dormael >>


Recording the album of the "Quartet sans Leader" at Fattoria Musica in Osnabrück >>

Creating the album of Fanny Beriaux >>


Andy Warhol's Night - EMN / Angelique Wilke >>

ECO: Marseille - Bucarest - Bruxelles - Metz .... >>
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