Aline Blondiau has established herself as one of the best recording producers for classical music in Europe.

Additionally, she is highly appreciated as a balance engineer and an editing director, and among other things, for her exceptional patience in selecting the best takes.

After studying cello she graduated from the National Institute of the Performing Arts in Brussels. Her 1997 thesis was tilted "String quartet recording".
At that time Jarek Frankowski and other teachers used to say “she is a talent missing nothing !” Aline had perfect scores in every subject.

Immediately after graduating, she joined "Musica Numeris", one of the main recording companies in Belgium.
Ever since, Aline has been involved in recording exceptional artists such as:

Jordi Savall, Gustav Leonhardt, Sophie Karthaüser, Dominique Visse, Sabine Devieilhe, Martha Argerich, Philippe Pierlot et le Ricercar Consort, Café Zimmermann, Raphaël Pichon et son ensemble Pygmalion, Pascal Rophé et l’orchestre philharmonique royal de Liège, François-Xavier Roth, Philippe Quint, Tabea Zimmermann, Paul Meyer, Cedric Tiberghien, Adam Laloum, Nemanja Radulovic, Lorenzo Gatto, Yu-Chien Tseng, Pierre Hantaï, Alexis Kossenko et son Orchestre Les Ambassadeurs, L’orchestre Philarmonique de Bochum, L’Orchestre Philarmonique de Sofia, L’Ochestre de chambre de Lausanne, Arnaud Thorette et L’ensemble Contraste...

Now a freelancer, she takes part in numerous international projects and a number of the albums she worked on have received some Gold Diapason awards: a recommendation of outstanding classical music recordings given by reviewers of Diapason magazine in France.

- J-S Bach: Complete works - Concerts for several instruments - Café Zimmermann (Alpha)
- Pascal Dusapin: Complete works - Seven Solos for Orchestra - OPRL cond. Pascal Rophé (Naïve)
- J-S Bach: Sonatas for viola da gamba and harpsichord - Lucile Boulanger and Arnaud de Pasquale (Alpha)
- Symphonie en ré min de Cesar Franck par L’OPRL cond Ch. Arming (Fuga Libera)

Here is the beginning of an endless list of albums Aline worked on: Amongst her many credits are many classical albums including

- Matthias Weckmann: Conjuratio - Ph. Pierlot/Ricercar (Mirare)
- Henri Vieuxtemps: Complete Violin Concertos - Orchestra OPRL, cond. Patrick Davin (Fuga Libera)
- Camille Saint-Saens: Complete Works for Violin & Orchestra, Cello & Orchestra - OPRL, cond. Ch. Arming (Zig-Zag Territoires)
- J-S Bach: Missae Breves BWV 233 & 236 - Pygmalion ensemble, cond. Raphaël Pichon (Alpha)
- My Precious Manucript; Fantatsic Sonatas from England to Germany - La Sainte Folie Fantastique ensemble (Alpha)
- J-S Bach: Sonatas for Flute and Continuo - François Lazarevitch, Lucile boulanger and Jean Rondeau (Alpha)
- J-S Bach: St John Passion - Ricercar Consort, cond. Phillipe Pierlot
- Jongen Symphonie Concertante; Saint-Saëns: Symphonie No. 3 Orchestra OPRL, cond. Pascal Rophé (Cyprès)
- W.A. Mozart: Complete Songs for Voice and Piano - Sophie Karthäuser (Cyprès)
- A Century of Russian Colours - Camille Thomas and Beatrice Berrut (Fuga Libera)
- Kapsberger: Labirinto d’Amore - Anna Reinhold et Thomas Dunford (Alpha)
- J-S Bach: Magificat - Ricercar Consort cond. Philippe Pierlot (Mirare)
- Sarlatti: Sonatas Vol 1 and 2 - Pierre Hantaï (Mirare)
- J-S Bach: Mass in B minor - Pygmalion ensemble , cond. Raphaël Pichon (Alpha)
- Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Sacro-Profanus, Sonatas - Masque ensemble, cond. Olivier Fortin (Zig-Zag Territoires)
- Bruch, Mendelssohn, Beethoven: Philippe Quint - Mexico Philharmonic Orchestra (Avanti Classic)
- Cesar Franck: Complete chamber music - la Monnaie soloists, David Lively (Cyprès)


Bastien Gilson studied piano at the Brussels Royal Conservatory of Music and went on to the National Institute of the Performing Arts, specializing in sound (he wrote his thesis on digital microphones)
While still studying, he gained experience teaming up with Jarek Frankowski.

Right after school he started work as a recording, editing, mixing and mastering engineer, as well as involving himself in audiovisual post-production and live sound reinforcement.
For Acoustic Recordings he participated in different types of musical productions to which he brought his precious input for the past 8 years, including the

His significant experience and skills in cinema post-production has led him to work with some of the most prestigious international artists and production companies.
He worked on projects including:


- Trio Talweg
- Mosalini Teruggi cuarteto
- Duo Gemini
- Jean-Frederic Molard
- Alexandre Debrus
- Ensemble Ocelli
- Denis Sungho
- Sergio Tiempo et Karin Lechner
- Alexander Gurning
- Trio Saint-Exupery
- "Voici" (Frederic Lamantia/Jacques Brel)
- Trilogy
- Myriam Fuks (guests: Evgeny Kissin, Martha Argerich, Alexander Gurning, Lily Maisky, Mischa Maisky, Polina Leschenko, Philippe Catherine, Roby Lakatos…)
- Maria Joao Pires (CMRE)

Cinema (post production, voiceover dubbing, foley)

- Various TV series (Saving Hope, Boss, Mob Doctor, etc…)
- Several films with "Les Productions du Verger"
-“Lucy", Luc Besson
-"Resonating Surfaces", "Presto, perfect sound", "one two many", Manon de Boer
-"La fille de l'autre", Harry Cleven
-"Ponyo", Hayao Miyasaki
-"A letter to Momo ", Hiroyuki Okiura
-"Fire with fire", David Barrett
-"Dancing on the edge", Stephen Poliakoff
-"Kidon", Emmanuel Naccache
-"Endless love" , Shana Feste

Music transcription and score editing:
Edition Jacques Brel


Jean-François Lejeune discovers his “drive” for sound engineering after his summer job at Studio Avalon. As a result he joins the Institute of Media Arts in Belgium and finishes his studies in 2010.

Since the acoustic instruments became his main inspiration he started training himself next to well-known Belgian and French engineers like Emanuel Mohino, Aline Blondiau, Hugues Deschaux, Frédérique Briant (for classical music) and Philippe Teissier du Cros (for jazz). Later he gets a good experience in sound reinforcement at the “Jazz Station” club in Brussels.

At DADA studios he meets Jarek Frankowski and starts a regular collaboration including ambitious tasks like editing the recordings of Quatuor Danel and Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra.
In the meantime he decides to study musical theory.
A very courageous and precious assistant for all kinds of Acoustic Recordings projects, he has become a very well-trained independent engineer.

Jean-François has worked with artists such as:

As an assistant:
Quatuor Danel, Astoria, Festival baroque de Beaune, Trio Texier/Sclavis/Romano, José van Dam, Belgium National Orchestra, Jean-Philippe Collard Neven, Jordi Savall, Duo La Gioa, OPRL, Projet Lobi de Stephane Galland...

As recording and live sound engineer:
Bai Kamara Junior
Jacques Pirotton
Rêves d’éléphant
Aka Moon
Conference of the Birds
Compagnie Thor
Diana Gonnissen and strings ensemble
Manolos Cabras & Basic Borg
Lg Jazz Collective, Fabrice Alleman quartet
Trio Grande
Toine Thys quintet
Rackham, Fabien Degryse
Anne Wolf
Pascal Mohy
Chris Joris
David Lynx
Nicolas Kummert
Nicolas Thys
Greg et Steve Houben......

He is also
freelancer engineer for Musiq3 - the national radio for classical and jazz music.

Thank you so much !

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