ACOUSTIC RECORDINGS is regularly asked to be there for live sound engineering mainly for contemporary music, jazz concerts and various festivals. Some of the pictures above illustrate the atmosphere of recent events.

Already during a live recording we can easily apply a transparent amplification where needed. We have many microphones and accessories dedicated to specific instruments.
Classical players and opera singers might need a slight presence boost in large venues, especially for lower registers. Even when certain parts are very well written, some instruments may still need extra support to make them sound ideal.

In the contemporary music world many composers write for instruments that are meant to be amplified. In certain cases computer processing is involved, applying software like MaxMsp or Ableton Live for example. Frequently-invited electronic musicians play an important part in the performance.
A good example is the European Contemporary Orchestra with its 30 classical instrument players together with electric guitar, bass guitar, DJ set-up and computers on stage.
Processed instruments and sampled sounds may quickly become very present in the venue and a careful balance is required to allow the acoustic instruments to cut through and stay natural. Merging this kind of interesting material will be successful provided some good artistic choices are made.

For complex set-ups our ideal solution is DANTE audio networking with a pair of Ax32 from DAD/NTP technologies. This allows sound distribution towards different consoles, radio, TV, video, direct streaming and multitrack recording with back-up.
The fragile microphones signals are precisely converted into digital audio immediately on stage. Only single cables are necessary to distribute these boutique-grade tracks everywhere where DANTE or MADI inputs are available.

For the past twenty years Jarek Frankowski has specialised in refined amplification of acoustic instruments, together with electronic sounds.
He worked on many world premiere concerts all over Europe.
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Sonic Cathedral - Musiques Nouvelles conducted by Jean-Paul Dessy, guests: Mélanie De Biasio, Sigtryggur Baldursson , Kippi Kaninus, Xavier Deprez, Tulegur Gangzi, la Schola Grégorienne du Sablon.
XX Century music merging with Baroque, Jazz, Electro, Mongolian and Gregorian voices.
Live sound and multitrack recording for music video.