The ACOUSTIC RECORDINGS mixing-mastering room has a very comfortable feel due to its optimal sound conditions, daylight and the best, continuously updated audio tools. The set-up is organized clearly, so all freelance engineers and skillful artists are able to "put their hand on the mouse" in their own project.

Such conditions have permitted Acoustic Recordings to achieve remarkable final results, from the very first legendary albums with Ictus Ensemble in 1998, to the 2013 Fausto Romitelli album of Musiques Nouvelles, which was recently awarded the prestigious Diapason d’Or prize.

ACOUSTIC RECORDINGS is constantly updating its equipment:

- There are three HD AVID ProTools stations allowing a big flexibility with no-latency recording, fast editing, complex music creation and up to 256 simultaneous tracks mixing.

- The highest grade audio inputs and outputs are ensured by two recently purchased DAD/NTP Ax32 units with 32 microphone preamplifiers/AD converters, 16 DA output converters, 2x64 I/O ProToolsHD channels, 2x64 Madi I/O, Dante I/O and 16 AES/EBU I/O. An audio dream.

- Our stereo and 5.1 monitoring set-up is based on a Crookwood custom designed system which allows the world’s most advanced audio control with 15 audio inputs (including seven 5.1 inputs) and three 5.1 outputs with switchable bass management. This console gives an exceptional palette of all stereo and surround sound checking features with 0.25 dB precision and an extremely transparent audio path.

- For pure 5.1 monitoring we use 5 identical Neumann/K&H O300 active monitors and one Neumann/K&H 810 subwoofer. The O300 has a rarely found close speaker design allowing a very constant low frequency response with any audio level. This capability is crucial for monitoring the acoustic music with its natural dynamic range.

Among hundreds of positive appraisals for our studio-work, some were particularly meaningful:

"Mastering with you, or no CD, that is my philosophy!” Jean-Luc Plouvier - artistic director of Ictus