Film scoring is an important part of the work of Acoustic Recordings.
Our equipment allows capturing all possible sources to deliver a “Class A" orchestral recording. To achieve the best cinematic sound we decided to use a double "decca-tree" set-up equipped with totally noise-free digital microphones. The main tree is usually build with 3 x Neumann KMD 133 for very precise, deep and rich sound. The second tree includes 3 x Neumann D-01 delivering warm and well-defined reproduction of wind instruments. Two more digital microphones capture pristine surround tracks. We add a wide-stereo image with Schoeps microphones and Up to 40 selected analogue microphones are applied to all groups of instruments.
The HD Video set-up typically includes a dedicated video card, HDMI distribution and 4 screens.

In collaboration with DADA studios we provide a very experienced team, an additional choice of impressive vintage microphones and the headphone monitoring for up to 100 players. Depending on production, the recording and mix can be done in DADA studios (Steinway D is available)

As a universal rule the mixing engineer receives well-organised ProTools sessions, cue sheets and production notes.
Jarek Frankowski has mixed the music for several international productions, such as: “Mr.Nobody” by Jaco Van Dormael, “Within the Whirlwind” by Marleen Gorris, and “A Promise” with the music of Gabriel Yarred…

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A Promise
Music by Gabriel Yarred
Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dirk Brossé at Studio DADA, recording and mixing engineer: Jarek Frankowski, music editors: Cecile Tournesac and Jules Fradet
ACOUSTIC RECORDINGS contributed its best microphones and preamplifiers for this recording