Pictures above illustrate some jazz recordings

In the case of jazz, crossover, or world music, the acoustic instruments and vocals frequently require a personalised sound.
ACOUSTIC RECORDINGS studio owns a nice choice of microphones and preamplifiers from some very transparent to pretty colorful ones.
For a particular track we might try for example three Neumann's large diaphragme capsules with tube electronics, like M-149 (+Telefunken/Simens V72a), or solid state design U87 (+Neve1073DP), or other with digital design of D-01 (+DMI-8)
Some ribbon microphones sound extremely well with our new DAD Ax32 and its 79dB of quiet gain.

All equipment can be moved to any studio or venue if needed.
Pristine mixing and mastering conditions are within reach of any small or bigger project.

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Quartet sans Leader
Divine original compositions
sound engineer: Jarek Frankowski
Recorded at Fattoria Musica in Osnabrück, mixed and mastered at ACOUSTIC RECORDINGS studio in Brussels. The main recording gear was provided by ACOUSTIC RECORDINGS
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Fanny Beriaux
Jarek Frankowski has had a chance to participate in several jazz projects both as sound engineer and a musician, these include the successful album “Blow Up the World" for which he also composed all the music.